Top 10 Fashion or Clothing Business Ideas & Opportunities

Fashion shopping is always a trend. This is why running a fashion business or opening a fashion store is always a good idea. You don’t have to secure a big capital to start a fashion or clothing business. With these top 10 fashion / clothing business ideas & opportunities, you can start gaining profit from your fashion business even if you are a newbie, both in terms of experience and in terms of capital.

Top 10 Fashion or Clothing Business Ideas & Opportunities

1. Retailing and Drop shipping
This is perhaps the easiest fashion business to start. It doesn’t require a big capital because you don’t produce your own product. All that you need to do is taking orders from your customers, getting the product from a vendor, and delivering it to your customers. This business has become much easier to do today because all online marketplaces support drop shipping, so you can still reap a small profit if you buy the product from them.

2. School Uniform
Selling school uniform is a relatively easy and cheap business to run. School uniform doesn’t involve complex design and you usually produce it in bulk, making the production cost cheaper. You begin this business by making some samples and then offering them to some schools before the end of a school year. After a deal is made, you make the ordered uniforms yourself or order them from a maker. School uniform is a sustainable business if you can serve your customers well because you can continue receiving orders every year.

3. Clothing Rental
If you have some fancy clothes in your wardrobe, why don’t you rent them out? Renting certain types of apparel, such as wedding gown, tuxedo and vintage clothes, is a good idea if you want to get income from your fancy clothes. Renting them out instead of allowing them to rot in your wardrobe will make those rarely used clothes more useful. Many people actually prefer to rent clothes when attending parties or special events. You can reap profit by serving them.

4. Clothing Recycling and Restoration
Clothing recycling and restoration is not only profitable, but also eco-friendly. Instead of making clothes from scratch, which can be costly and time-consuming, why don’t you collect used clothes and then restore them? Old clothes will appear new and appealing with little modification. You only need to replace broken parts, such as zipper and buttons, and to repair certain parts that need repairing. Certain damages, such as tear on jeans, may not need repairing because they actually have certain aesthetic value.

5. Used Clothing Business
Sometimes, recycled clothes don’t need any retouching at all in order to make them sellable. Secondhand clothes with reasonable condition are still marketable. You can collect used clothes from your own collection, from donation, from a charity project, or from imported goods. There are many ways to collect used clothes and there are many more ways to sell them. You can open a stand in a trade fair or you can sell the clothes online.

6. T-Shirt
Selling t-shirts is always enjoyable because t-shirts have generic design that doesn’t need too much alteration. T-shirt is also a perfect product for various occasions. You can sell t-shirts whose design is representative to certain events, such as sports and party events, and t-shirts with personalized designs that your customers love. There are many ways to customize t-shirts, one of which is explained below.

7. Printing and Embroidery
Instead of selling a finished clothing article, you can offer printing or embroidery service to people who want to modify their clothes. You can use printing and embroidery to modify t-shirts or other products you sell, but even if you are not selling anything, there are many people who will need your service. If you decide to run this business, you can practice screen printing, buy a set of digital printing machine, or buy an embroidery machine.

8. Being a Tailor
If you have some clothes making skill, being a tailor might be the best thing to do. You can receive order and finish it to make profit. With internet, you can expand your business reach outside your locality. You can also offer more creative services by offering customized designs and custom decorations, including printing and embroidery.

9. Selling Cloth
If you have no idea about what type of clothes to sell, why don’t you sell the raw material? Many types of cloth, such as Batik, are considered so unique that they are desirable. Selling these raw materials at places where they are not usually available is a good idea, especially if you have easy access to their manufacturers.

10.  Selling Anything but Clothes.
Just because you want to run a fashion business doesn’t mean you have to sell clothes. There are many other fashion-related products to sell that are not clothing articles. You can sell fashion magazines, make a fashion blogs, submit fashion-related articles, or do any fashion-related thing that can generate income.

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