Things to Know: 10 Best eBay Selling Tips & Tricks for Beginners

There are a lot of questions from new eBay sellers related to tips on getting started. As we know that eBay is very wide place and can be so complicated at times. Especially of you are new in eBay, then this is better to start slowly, understand the landscape, understand the rule, and start to grow your business on eBay slowly. Here 10 best eBay selling tips & tricks for beginners:

Things to Know: 10 Best eBay Selling Tips & Tricks for Beginners
Things to Know: 10 Best eBay Selling Tips & Tricks for Beginners

1. First, you should understand how to price your items
Before you start post anything on eBay, then you should understand on how to price your items first. One of the biggest mistakes that many new sellers made is they look at retail value ir you just go by what they have paid for an recent item or several years ago. You should know that its bad idea. eBay has its own universe and you might feel disappoint when you assumed that you can sell items with retail prices. You should know that an item was only worth what someone paid.

2. Purchase few things to get feedback score
Each member of eBay has their own feedback score based on their selling experience. That number is come from combination or both of selling and buying transaction. The more feedback that you get, then the more trusted that you appear as a part of community member. However, it can be harder if you only have low feedback number. If your account is completely new and you only have less than 20 feedbacks, then you are able to get feedback by purchasing cheap cost stuffs so that seller can rate on you as well. You can purchase things that you will use actually, after you receive product in very good condition, leave a good feedback to your seller and you can ask them to leave feedback on you.

3. You can start to sell products that you already have
You can start to explore your room first and go to the room-by-room to find out items in complete listing. You can look anything, even if you think that this item is worth, such as: empty perfume bottles (many people collect them and use them for home decor), broken watch (people buy its part), unopened makeup and more.

4. Knowing the limits
eBay gives selling limits of all of the sellers, however they likely more strict to the new sellers. eBay wants a seller to build a positive selling history and preventing the possibility of fraud. So, the new seller will get account limits, item limits and category limits as well. So you have to understand your selling limits.

5. Stay clear with problematic items
Unfortunately, there are many dishonest people waiting to stab new sellers on eBay. So you should protect yourself and do not fall into their scam. The best way is avoiding get high-risk items, such high-end smartphones, iPhones, high-end clothing, event tickets, autographed items, branded items and more. The best way is establish yourself as seller before you try to sell your items.

6. Choose a right supply
You don’t think that you need expensive stuffs to sell on eBay. All you need is a scale to measure you items when shipping and listing, 2 white papers that you used as background for photos and shipping supplies.

7. How is free shipping?
You should know that free shipping is not completely free, you will make them into the price of product. Then the calculated shipping is the best way for both of seller and buyer. If you sell items which is fitted into flat rate box or mailer, they you give flat rate shipping or even free shipping and you can increase the selling price by adding the amount of flat rate shipping. Ensure that you never offer free shipping service on heavy items.

8. Select the right type of listing
You might confuse between fixed price or auction? Which one is better? This is depending on you. Ensure you start your auction with the reasonable price of you only has one bid. Fixed price might take more time, but you can offer higher price if you want to get right buyer as well.

9. Learn how to package and ship your products properly
This is a skill that can be learned by practices and patience. There are thousand tutorials that show you how to package by using various materials.

10. Provide a fair return policy to your customers
You should know that eBay provide rewards for seller who offer return policy 30 day or longer by giving them with impulse in search result. So, if you have 30 day return policy, then you will automatically getting into higher place in search result compared to those who doesn’t provide it. However, items should be returned in original condition to prevent you being scammed.

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