10 Best Instagram Business ideas for Beginners

10 Best Instagram Business ideas for Beginners below can be considered when people have interest in building business from home. We can make sure that nowadays Instagram is one of very popular social media options which are used a lot by people all around the world. It is not only used for sharing photo or video because it can also offer them with opportunities for making money. Even beginners in business can always utilize the great opportunity offered by this social media platform. Here are the ideas which can be tried.

10 Best Instagram Business ideas for Beginners

1. DIY Expert
There are some people who are type of DIY person. They will not buy anything unless they cannot make it themselves. This is something which can help them save money and be creative of course but at the same time, it can also be a great opportunity for making money. They can make DIY project and tutorials which can be posted on the Instagram so the followers can learn new skills. Brands and sponsors might want to work together with them for their projects.

2. Food Blogger
Foods sound like great business idea which can be brought to the Instagram. People can sell foods via this social media platform but it does not mean that they always have to do this. They can also just offer the recipes for making delicious foods. There might be food and grocery brands that want to work with them as influencer.

3. Baker
Baking can be passion for some people but some other people just think that baking is not their thing. Nevertheless, it will always be interesting for watching the baking photo or video on the Instagram. This is a perfect place for people who want to show off their skills in baking. Cookies decorating can be a cool thing they can share on Instagram. Of course the customers can make the order directly on your creation.

4. Travel Blogger
People enjoy traveling not only for themselves. Nowadays, people can travel and allow other people enjoy their experience by sharing pictures and videos on Instagram. Yes, travel blogger surely can utilize great chance offered by the social media for showing off their great traveling experience. The tourism market nowadays is very wide and they can find opportunities for working with travel agency and accommodation.

5. Makeup Artist
It is always fun to see people with pleasing appearance and it can be influenced by the makeup. Instagram is the place where people can find so many makeup inspirations. Makeup artist surely must not miss the opportunity for sharing their masterpiece on Instagram so there will be more people recognize their ability for bringing the beauty. It can be a great way for increasing customer’s number for sure.

6. Illustrator
Instagram is all about visual thing. It means that any kind of job which is associated with visual can utilize the great benefits offered by Instagram for their career. Of course illustrator must use the great way offered by this platform for sharing their artwork. The followers can share the artwork so the awareness of the illustrating skill can be increased which can bring increasing customers as the result.

7. Handmade Business
Some people might create handmade craft which is used for themselves. In fact, handmade craft brings kind of warmth which can increase the comfort in the house. There is something unique and special from the handmade product so other people might want to have it too. Instead of using the handmade product for themselves, they can consider using Instagram for marketing their handmade products. The important key is for capturing the best picture of the handmade product to be posted on the social media account.

8. Photographer
It seems like photographer and Instagram cannot be separated one another. Instagram needs great picture to post and photographer surely are able to create the great pictures needed to be posted on the social media. One thing for sure, photographer can always use this platform for showing off their photography skill and masterpiece. They can keep their portfolio easily on the IG and the followers can see it easily through their account.

9. Influencer
Becoming influencer on Instagram actually becomes the best way for making money through this platform of social media. However, there are steps that must be followed for being influencer. They need to build up the viewers with certain niche. Various niche options can be chosen after all. Once they have large amount followers, they can work with suitable brands for sharing the content based on the service and product offered.

10. Fashion Blogger
For people who have high fashion sense, they can make money by sharing their outfit photos on Instagram. They can make the fashion blog on this platform for sure besides working with fashion brands, they can also sell fashion product with their account. It is surely great part of 10 Best Instagram Business ideas for Beginners.

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