Top 10 Weekend Business Ideas Full-time Employees

Do you want try to start a business even if you are a full time employee? Starting a business in weekend is a good option. You still have to manage the business without disturbing your regular jobs. The most important, you can earn money and increase your income. The list of top 10 weekend business ideas full-time employees below can be a good reference.

Top 10 Weekend Business Ideas Full-time Employees
Top 10 Weekend Business Ideas Full-time Employees
1. Handyman
If you love to fix or repair electronic tools or wires, you might choose to be a handyman. In fact, some people don’t know what to do if they face leaking pipes. This is your opportunity to help them and earn some money from it. You may inform your neighbor for the first time. Don’t forget to inform that you are ready to help them on the weekend only. You don’t need to spend extra money to run this business. Just prepare all the tools you have and you are ready to work.

2. Computer Teacher or Programmer
People have to master computer or specific programs whether to support their career or study. Of course, they need someone to teach them. If you love to teach and have skills on computer programs, you might try this business. You just need to be a teacher and open your own course at home or garage. This is also a low cost business and easy to do. Just prepare the tools and you are ready to teach them. Your weekend will be more challenging than before.

3. Affiliate Marketer
How about if you love to use internet all the time even on your weekend? You may start to think to increase your money by being an affiliate marketer. It doesn’t disturb your hobby to use internet and even it keeps you play with internet. The different is that you are about to make money as an affiliate marketer. Online affiliate marketer is included on the top 10 weekend business ideas full-time employees due to the flexibility and great earning.

4. Party Planner Agency
Managing party is a complicated thing to do. You may also start a business as a party planner agency if you have skill as well as links. Help your clients to create a great party just like what they want. The job is including preparing the venue, decorating the place, preparing the catering, creating invitation, and deciding the best entertainment, and many more. This business is fun to do along with great income which might be bigger from your monthly salary.

5. Makeup Artist
Don’t underestimate your concern on makeup, hairstyle, or fashion style because it might be a good business opportunity. You can be a makeup artist or hairstylist and even fashion stylist. Your job is to make your clients more beautiful and handsome with the best outfit. Indeed, it is a fun part time job to do especially if you love to deal with makeup, hairstyle, and fashion.

6. Pet Care Center
Even if you are a pet lover, you can also earn more money from your hobby. You may start a pet care center at home. This is a good opportunity because some people want to go on the weekend and they also don’t want to bring their pet. Let their pets with you so you can also play with them. The most important, you can earn some money from your hobby without disturbing your regular job.

7. Personal Fitness Trainer
For those who love to go to the gym and has skills on body building or muscle building, you may try to be a personal fitness trainer. Try to promote yourself to your friends who want to shape their body and bulk their muscles. Give them some training until they get the best body shape and muscles just like what they want. This is also the way to make your healthy hobby as a medium to earn some money.

8. Wedding Photographer
Do you like photography? Why don’t you try to be a photographer? One of popular business is a wedding photographer. Wedding photographer is fun job to do and some of the schedules are on weekend. You just need to bring your best camera and shoot the best moments. Start to promote your business to your friends and family and hopefully they want to use your service.

9. Selling Artworks
How many handicraft you have produce so far? Instead of letting them at home, why don’t you try to sell it? You don’t have to build a big store only to sell your artworks. Just sell those artworks online through your social media account or marketplace. If people love your artworks, they will buy it. You can still create your artworks while making money from it.

10. Writer
If you love to write, you can just try to be a freelance writer. You might be a copywriter, content writer, and many more. Even, you can write a story and send your story to a publisher. Let the publisher publish your writing into a novel or book. You can write on weekend and you have a chance to earn royalty or honorarium from it.

There are several interesting business you can start even you are a full-time employee. So, which one of top 10 weekend business ideas full-time employees which might be your second career?

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