Top 10 Small Business Opportunities in the Software Industry You Need to Know

Today, software industry turns into promising and profitable business in which people can gain more income. Here are 10 small business opportunities in the software industry that you should know.

Top 10 Small Business Opportunities in the Software Industry You Need to Know
Top 10 Small Business Opportunities in the Software Industry You Need to Know

1. Software Development
If you have skills in developing software, then starting this business can be a good solution for you to get more money. In addition, there are a lot of companies out there that seeking for skillful people they can hire to develop their software products. You can make additional income from outright sales or contract basis relate to the software packages that you develop. There are a lot of software applications you can use. For instance, you can create a software package that can perform better than Footy Loops software which is now really popular in music production industry.

2. Software Engineering
If you have special skill in software engineering, you can start a career as software engineer to design and work on a package of complicated software. A software engineer has responsibility to check if there is error occurs in the programming code and then fix it. Labor Statistics show that there are about 760,840 people work as software engineer United States currently and the number is predicted to keep increasing in upcoming years. Not only being available to be hired as a full – time basis employer, a software engineer can also work as freelance engineer. Military also needs this kind of engineer and gives high payment for those with this job.

3. Technical Support
Another profitable job in this 10 small business opportunities in the software industry list is technical support. In doing their jobs, technical supports should help customers with all things relate to software installation, problems related to the operation, and solving various installation problems. A career as technical support can be a great source for you to get high additional income especially if you have a “teachie” background, great communication skills, and passion to help people to solve problems relate to their software installation problems.

4. Web Developers
Another promising and profitable career in software industry you can try is becoming web developer. As web developers, your job will be helping people to integrate the software packages they have into particular websites or other online platforms. Not only that, you will also be asked to design and build payment portals and online registrations that are needed by most people now. Due to the skills they should have and difficult jobs they have to accomplish, web developers generally get high payment. If you have already involved in this industry before, you can build your own agency that specializes in web development and begin rendering your products and services on freelance basis or by contract.

5. Quality Assurance and Testing
Starting a career in quality assurance and testing requires you to involve quality testing of particular software relate to its standards and functions. If you think you have the skills needed in building career needed in this department, you can start to join and then get high payment in turn.

6. Technical Writing
Having skills in technical writing is high valued by software industry. Technical writers mainly do their jobs help customers and end users to easily understand manuals of software product. This job is much needed by most software developing industries. Technical writers work to create guidance which is easy to understand by those who read it. The guidance can be in the form printed offline reading or published via online channels. The technical writers’ tasks also include writing details of software packages and computer specifically.

7. Database Management
If you work as database manager, then you will have responsibilities in managing and maintaining database relate to the development of any software package. To have career in this industry, you need to have high intelligence and exceptionally diligence. This makes those who are pursuing career in database management is paid with high salary.

8. Project Management
Not only managing project, project management is also needed in software industry. As project manager, you will be required to manage software project designs developed. Not only that, you will also be responsible in managing budget allocations needed for the software development. There will be high skill needed to be successful in this industry. However, the high salary you will get seems really worth with the responsibilities you should take.

9. Software Programming and Developing
To pursue this career, you need to be able to write commands and codes that function to control how the computer makes interaction with software package being developed. As programmer, you will also need to master computer language such as COBOL, C ++, and Java.

10. System Analysis
As a system analysist, you will be the one to take responsibilities in analyzing software package developed. It is important to make sure that the software packages can perform well and fulfill standard requirements.

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