Top 10 Small Business Ideas for Nurses & Doctors

Want to turn your medical knowledge and experience into some cash? The following top 10 small business ideas for nurses & doctors may be suitable to help you earn some money.

1. Blogger
If you are interested in writing, you can use your knowledge related to medical issues to earn some money through article writing. Being a blogger is a good choice, since blogging is considered as a big business recently. Not only can you write articles containing health problems and tips, but you can also share your experiences and stories about becoming a health practitioner. Once you are able to attract audiences and build their trust, you will get the profit to flow to you ceaselessly.

2. Healthcare Consultant
Being a consultant for a well known healthcare organization can be an alternative side job for nurses and doctors. Usually, healthcare organizations will hire consultants on a part-time basis, although there are some of them employ the consultants on a full time basis. What you have to do as a healthcare consultant is helping the organization to find a solution or a way to organize or even improve their infrastructure.

3. Medical Business Consultant
The third side job that is included in the list of top 10 small business ideas for nurses & doctors is medical business consultant. You can work as a medical business consultant at various institutes or organizations, like hospitals, medical practices, insurance companies, etc. The main job of a medical business consultant is to assist the improvement of productivity, revenue, and facilities of an organization. This job is very suitable for you who have sufficient knowledge related to healthcare and business management.

4. Health Teacher
It is great to pass and share your knowledge and experience with others through teaching activities. Who says that a doctor or a nurse cannot become a teacher as well? You can act as a tutor for your student nurses or doctors-will-be at a nursing school or a university. You can search any information about the training programs that may need your assistance, and then apply for that job. Not only will you get cash for doing this job, but you can also get a containment of being useful to share knowledge that you have to others.

5. Book Writer
Medical institution and training program will definitely need a lot of handbooks and sources of materials to learn from. You can take this opportunity to earn more money through book writing. There are various kinds of books that you can write and publish, depending on your passion and interest. You can write about a certain disorder or disease and how to prevent it, or you can also write about how to maintain a good health.

6. Medical Podcaster
One of the most powerful and effective ways to attract specific audiences is through a podcast. A high quality podcast, especially in a specific and uncommon niche, like health care is quite interesting to do. People can listen to the podcast you make anywhere, and everywhere. You can make any podcast about how to pursue a medical school, or how to survive there. Some medical students will need a podcast about how to choose a medical specialty. Or, if your target audience is the people who are not medical students, you can make a podcast containing the inspirational stories about professional doctors, certain diseases that the listeners should be aware of, and many other healthcare discussions.

7. Career Advisor
Another alternative side job that you can do as a professional doctor or nurse is giving a career advice to your juniors or many other health care providers. For them who are just starting their careers, your advice may be very useful. You can tell them about what you have got and learned so far. Tell them about anything that you wished you realized when you were just starting your career like they are now.

8. Private Nursing Service
If you have enough money to open your own nursing service, then this side business is very suitable for you. Your private nursing facility should provide an excellent service for them (the patients) who are undergoing treatment. This business is actually very profitable, since most of the patients will prefer to have you treat them, rather than frequently visit the hospital.

9. In-house Nursing Care
In-house nursing care is quite similar to the private nursing service that we have discussed before. The difference is in the place where you are taking care of the patients. If the previous business requires you to provide facilities where you can treat your patients, in-house nursing service requires you to take care of them at their own home. This should be done when the patients are too weak to come to your facility.

10. Selling Medial Supplies
As a medical practitioner, you must have known many things related to medical instruments and hospital equipment. With this sufficient knowledge, you can start a business that provides medical supplies for patients or healthcare facilities. The supplies can be varied, like disinfectants, adult diapers, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitor, etc.

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