Investing In Rental Property For Beginners

Investing In Rental Property For Beginners - "With the exception of the last few years, property has generally increased in value so much that there is a general belief that you just can't lose with property investment. This impression is underlined by the growth of property clubs, where you pay to invest in new build and off-plan properties bought at a discount. Such clubs tend to be heavily advertised and appeal to people's greed and laziness by suggesting that you can become a property millionaire in no time, for little or no money down, and whether the market is rising or not.

The truth is that you can lose, but even so, property does historically come good most of the time - eventually. Also, investors in property can now, quite literally, have the whole wide world in their hands - or in their portfolios. It is now possible to invest in property in most countries in the world, so that your property portfolio can look as international as you like. Nowadays, anybody can be an international investor and financier! Anybody can swagger around brandishing an impressive-looking international property portfolio!

So why do I believe that property, in general, makes a good type of investment? Investing In Rental Property For Beginners

In the first place, everybody understands property, simply because everybody has to have a roof over their heads. Everybody also understands that home occupiers have to pay rent or a mortgage in order to continue living there. It is also self-evident that even when fully owned and mortgage-free, there are continuing costs attached to living in a home.

This is knowledge that we all have. By contrast, you have to be quite financially sophisticated to understand how equities and other aspects of the money markets work. You also have to be numerate and actually enjoy number-crunching. Successful people are doing sums in their heads the whole time; it is second nature to them. But few ordinary people really understand how and why stock markets crash, or how the stock market performance in, say, Japan, can intimately affect other stock exchanges around the world.

Few people, too, readily understand futures, hedge funds or derivatives. You have to be quite deeply interested in money and all its ramifications to be able to play money markets. It is a mindset which not all of us have. Yet everybody knows what estate agents and letting agents do.

Then, historically, at least, property is solid and substantial and far less liable than equities to stock market fluctuations, to crashes and recoveries. Obviously house prices fluctuate, but there has rarely, if ever, been a complete crash. One reason for this is that all real estate is built on land which will never go away. A further reason for the dependability of property is that everybody needs a home, whereas we can manage without a car, foreign travel, the latest electronic gadgetry, if we have to.

Then, there is almost always a shortage of housing. And while house prices can go up and down, there is always going to be some value in land. By contrast, the entire value of an equity can be wiped out, in a severe downturn of the market, performance in the High Street. And there is little the individual shareholder can do about this, except to buy and sell at the right time.

When you invest in stocks and shares, you may have very little control over whether their value rises or falls. To take a famous example, when former jeweler retailer Gerald Ratner made his notorious remark at a City dinner that his sherry decanters were 'crap', ?500 million was immediately wiped off the value of Ratner shares, with the result that many shareholders lost very large sums indeed, through no fault of their own,

But even if somebody calls your house 'crap' - as 'specialists' on TV home design programs often come perilously close to doing - it is still unlikely to lose all its value." Investing In Rental Property For Beginners

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