How to Start a Pet Store – 10 Ideas for You

For you who are planning to run a pet store, but still do not have any idea of how to start it, we provide some tips on how to start a pet store. The following ten steps are essential to be done in order to make sure that your business will run well.

How to Start a Pet Store – 10 Ideas for You
How to Start a Pet Store – 10 Ideas for You
1. Learn about the pet industry
Before deciding whether or not you really want to open a pet store, you have to firstly learn about the pet industry. Learning about pet industry means learning how to run the business, how to take care of any animals, how to give the best services, how to provide high quality supplies, etc. By learning about all of the things related to pet industry, you will be able to make a decision whether opening a pet store really suits you well or not.

2. Create business plans
After deciding to open your own pet store, what you have to do is creating business plans, both short term and long term. Making plans for your business is important to show you the clear path of how you will run your business and to accommodate any possibilities that may happen when you are running the business.

3. Collect licenses, insurance, and certificates
The next step is starting the business by collecting licenses, especially those which relate to the animal care. Besides, it will be much better if you also prepare the insurance. Some certificates will also be needed to gain the customers trust to your pet store. In short, you have to make sure that you have collected all of the licenses, insurance and certificates required by law before opening your own pet store.

4. Find the right space
Another important thing that cannot be done carelessly is choosing the right place to open your pet store. The location of your pet store will give a big impact on how easy you will get customers. A retail space near a dog park, mall, or any other high-traffic areas will so much help you in attracting customers to come to pet store. However, the space located in such a high-traffic area will usually cost higher. Besides, you have to consider how large the space that you need to keep the supplies and to interact with customers.

5. Buy supplies
Before purchasing the supplies, you are suggested to make a list of what you need to buy. Make a list that contains the details about the names and brands of the products, the quantity, and the price estimated. It will be even better if you write down the retailers or manufacturers which will provide the supplies for you.

6. Set up your store
In setting up the store, you have to be creative in making your space look inviting and attractive to your customers. It should also give warm and welcoming impression so that your customers will feel comfortable when shopping in your store. Neutral colors are suggested to be chosen as the wall paint color, because it will let the products or animals you sell stand out.

7. Provide additional pet services
Providing additional pet services other than just selling regular products are good to attract the customers. You may offer various pet services like animal training, boarding and grooming. However, before providing the services, you have to make sure to meet the legal requirements. In choosing the services that you are going to provide, you have to do research first in order to make sure that you can provide the excellent services to your customers. Only providing the services that you can do well is one of the ways to show your professionalism to your customers.

8. Set up the price
Set a clear pricing structure. Letting your customers know in advance about how much they have to pay for a certain product or service can make you look professional. Besides, it will help you to show your customers that you can offer the better prices than your competitors. Before deciding the price, you will need to observe the price determined by manufacturers and your competitors. This observation will definitely give you a good point of reference, so that you can make sure that the price you are offering is suitable for the target market, yet still gives you enough profit. 

9. Plan the marketing strategies
Any business will need a good marketing strategy to run well. It will be much better if you have planned the marketing strategy even before you officially open your pet store. You can utilize media technology in promoting the products and services. Besides, giving warranty and referral discounts is also considered as an effective marketing strategy that can attract more customers.

10. Hire staffs (if necessary)
Last but not least, you can consider whether or not you need to hire staff to help you in giving services to your customers. If you are not sure about it, then try to work on your own first, and start hiring the staffs when you think you cannot handle everything by yourself.

Those are some steps of how to start a pet store that you should do in order to make sure that your business will run well.

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