Best 10 Unique Small Food Product Businesses You Can Try

Food is one of primary needs of every human. Therefore, the food business has product that everyone always needed. Some people said that food business is an eternal business, because of that reason. Because of this reason as well, there are many opportunities that you can find in this business field. What you need is choosing right product, make modification on its design and taste, and of course, create the product with delicious taste. If you can do that, there is big chance that your business will be successful in the future. However, because there are so many food business that you can find today, you need to make your product different than other product. Here is 10 Unique Small Food Product Business Ideas List that you can try.

1. Cupcake
Cupcake is easy to make. You can try it as your food business product. And, because you want to make it different, you can make it smaller. The smaller size will give make it easier to eat by your customer. More than that, if you use colorful topping for your cupcake, you also can make it looks cute and beautiful. So, the appearance will add more selling points on your product. Now, you just need to make it in correct way, so the taste is also delicious. With this, your customer will be satisfied by aspect, the taste and its appearance.

2. Milk Tart
This is also another good choice for food business product you can try. Milk tart is easy to make and doesn’t need budget that much. The good thing about this product is it can last longer. You just need to use right package for it when you sell it. An air tight plastic package is good choice for packaging need. With this air tight package, you can make this product last for few months, which is good choice, if you plan to sell and send it to faraway place where your client lives.

3. Dried Fruit
You don’t need to prepare big budget to start this food business. More than that, you can use the cooking tools that you can easily find in your kitchen to process the fruit. Just make sure you choose right fruits combination, so it can produce good taste when your customer eats it. And, you also need to make it with healthier method, because this will become plus point of your product.

4. Apple Chips
Potato chip is common chips product you can find. However, you can change it with apple to create one of unique product. Apple is also easier to find and buy. You can make it by frying it or using oven, which means you don’t need to use too much money for production process.

5. Hamburger Stand
For you who have passion in cooking or use it as hobby, you also can start hamburger stand. All ingredients are easy to buy from your local store. Of course, to make it different and interesting for your customer, you need to give some modification. For example, you can use different type of meats inside, to create different taste. Or, to make it different, you also can change the bread with rice. Make a round shape from the rice and use it to hold the patty between it.

6. Home Catering
This small business needs dedication. Basically, you provide service where anyone can order food from you for their lunch or dinner. It depends on the service that you offered. Then, to satisfy your customer, you can deliver the food to your client place. It will be much easier, if you have vehicle you can use to do this. So, maybe you need to consider it, if you don’t have that. For more interesting product, you also can provide healthy food. Now, your client won’t need to leave their working place when they want to lunch. You will deliver the food to them.

7. Dim sum
This is Chinese dish that easy to make. Plus, you can use many different type of ingredient inside. Beef, chicken or even vegetable for vegetarian dim sum, are few of the ingredients you can use.

8. Fried Pizza
Yes, fried pizza is good product for food business. Instead bake it in oven, you fold the pizza dough and create enclosed dough where the tomato sauce, cheese and other pizza topping are inside it. Then just fry it. It can become delicious snack as well as food for daily meal.

9. Chocolate
Use Valentine Day moment to try the chocolate business. The taste, mostly, isn’t affected your product sales that much. The most important thing in Valentine chocolate business is the design. Make sure you create cute and love theme chocolate design.

10. Flavored French Fries
You can start French Fries business. But, to make it different, give it different flavor. You can create your own flavor powder, by grinding many different ingredients, from cheese to even green tea. Spread it on your French fries and it will become unique product you can sell.

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