7 Ways to Make Your Online Ads More Clickable

Ways to Make Your Online Ads More Clickable - "If you're struggling to write ads that will actually work for a change, try these sure-fire ideas to get the clicks, prospects and sales you're longing for.

1. Reverse Psychology

This is where you encourage people to do the opposite of what you really do want them to. For instance, if you want them to sign up for your marketing newsletter say something like ""If you've got all the sales, visitors and profits you need, don't sign up for our Success Newsletter"". Just remember that people don't want to be told what to do, or what not to do, so out of sheer cussedness, and a helping of curiosity they will click.

2. Use exciting and appealing words

People respond best to words that appeal to their emotions and to their desire for money, so use words that aim at these two aspects of the human psyche. Use words such as You, Ultimate, Free, Master, Power, Discovery, Easy, Guaranteed, Love, Money, New, Scientific, Profits, Proven, Results, Incredible, Discover, Breakthrough, Secret, Private, Cash, Shocked, Shocking, Revealed, Uncovered, Hidden, Exciting, Sizzling, Hot and so on. Don't swamp your ads with these powerful words. Sometimes less is definitely more.

3. Offer a discount

The Internet started out as the place to get things free. Usually this meant information in the early days, so capitallize on this basic human instinct of wanting 'something for nothing' and offer your visitors a discount if they buy NOW! Alternatively off a free bonus. Make it compatible with the product you're selling so that they both form a useful combo.

4. Include testimonials

If you have people write or email you thanking you for your product, get back to them and ask if you can quote them in your advertising. Most people will actually be flattered that you asked. This lets prospective buyers know that a real person has got a real benefit from your product or eBook etc. Don't be afraid to ask for a testimonial. Send buyers a follow-up email to see if they have benefited from your product and ask them to tell you why (if they have). Testimonials can make a huge difference to the perceived worth of your product.

5. Use a guarantee

Always use a strong guarantee in your ad. One guarantee you often see on downloadable products is 'Try this eBook for 8 Weeks' because this is now the length of time ClickBank will offer an automatic money back facility. Check what your payment processor says on the subject. Include the guarantee in your headline: 'Our eBook Will Save You Money - Guaranteed!'

6. Tell your customers what to do

People will often act on an instruction such as 'Click Here Now'. It may be stating the obvious but this is again the psychology of the prospect. They often need just that little nudge to make them take action.

7. State the major benefit of your product or website

Make sure you tell people what the major benefit of your product is. Even in a classified ad you must answer the question 'What's in it for me?' With some products this is not difficult. For instance if you product is a cure for acne, make you can say something like 'Our product can cure your acne in 21 days'. If you are selling something less obvious you could say 'Our Nirvana CDs will soothe and relax you after a hard day'. State the major benefit of your product or service clearly and succinctly.

Now take a good look at your current ads and apply one or more of the tactics given above and you will begin to see some real results. When you do, why not email me and let me know? I like to get testimonials too!" Ways to Make Your Online Ads More Clickable

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