3 Powerful Effective Email Marketing Strategies

3 Powerful Effective Email Marketing Strategies - "The emergence of the Internet Age has given way to innovative, modern and more successful means of marketing. As the technology integrates into our daily lives, marketing through internet is no longer an edge but essential. Results have shown this form of marketing can generate more sales than relying on traditional modes of promotions. Nevertheless, it requires skills and tools to enable internet marketing to be profitable.

One of the many various internet marketing tools used is email marketing. Generally the major players are the corporations, small and medium business, but it is gaining popularity amongs individual marketers. The email marketing allows lower costs and higher conversion rate when the appropriate tools are used. The winning factor to secure lucrative business is the speed of turning potential customer to a paying customer.

Let’s explore some useful tips to help sustain a lucrative email marketing business.

1. Constant Follow Up
The customers often feel much appreciated if they continue to receive attention from purchases they made. It does not matter if the customers had prior business deals with other competitors. Should they receive frequent emails with promotions or simply follow up product information, it is only a matter of time before they make a change of preference to purchase from the more caring marketer.

Being persistent and unrelenting can help magnifying the effect of follow up emails. Treat this exercise like courtship. The marketers who continue to send the potential customers emails shall be the last one standing as people normally do not respond to single or two emails. Eventually, the recipients will give in and perseverance paid off.

2. Viral E-Book
Viral e-book as the name implies, can be transmitted or transferred from one person to another rapidly. The e-books can help to expand the scope of potential customers when they download the book and subsequently pass on to other like-minded fellows. Do not underestimate this method of amplification as it has proven to be very effective and less annoying to readers because they actually do benefit from the e-books.

There are few important things to keep in mind when developing the e-books. First, research on the targeted audience and look for an issue or a question that would be of interest to them. Provide them with an answer in the form of e-book. It is prudent to choose a topic that can address the needs of the targeted customers else it cannot fulfill the criteria to be viral for the readers to share and spread the e-books.

The second tip to remember is good content. If not confident as a superb writer, the cost to outsource to an excellent one is relatively negligible compared to the potentially exponential returns. People like to share information, which is the fundamental principle of the Internet. The e-books which can provide add-on values or answers to readers will be passed on more frequently to reach more potential customers.

Be generous and professional for the e-books. The internet is bursting with information materials. One of the guaranteed ways to out-smart the competitors is by being more valuable to the potential customers. After all, no one will recommend useless products to their friends.

To ensure the readers can enjoy the full benefit of the e-books, the format must be user friendly and easy to download. The most commonly used format by far is PDF as the Adobe Acrobat Reader is freely available. Be sure to make the download process as simple as possible. Anything deemed difficult will simply turn the readers away.

Apart from getting an attractive topic and useful content, adding extra bonus for the readers to help spread the e-books is another tip. These bonuses need not be extravagant; it could be simply additional video clip or financial vouchers or even better, allowing them to add their links. That way, the e-books become a win-win solution to all.

It does not take a genius to figure out more back links to the website can reach out to more people. Therefore, creating more e-books on various relevant subjects that lead to specific website is an effective way of generating back links.

3. Viral Video
The video works similarly like the viral e-books, except it gives visual and audio effect that often more effective at leaving lasting impression upon the viewers. The same principles apply when creating a good video for viral marketing purposes. Attractive topic, valuable content, professional presentation and extra bonus to lure people to pass on are all the basic ingredients for a successful marketing strategy.

If you do not have time to implement all 3 tips above, just try out one consistently and you will definitely see the results."

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