10 Ideas to Start an Organic Food Business From Your Home

Organic and healthier lifestyle has become one of the most popular styles that most of people use today. The awareness of their healthy is the main reason, why this kind of lifestyle becomes the hype now. This is good situation, if you look at it from business perspective. With this situation, there is another business area or market that you can aim. Therefore, you can try to start a business related to organic food business. For you who are interested to try this unique business, here are 10 Best Organic Food Business ideas to Start from Home.

10 Ideas to Start an Organic Food Business From Your Home
10 Ideas to Start an Organic Food Business From Your Home
1. Organic Farm
The organic farm is one of the best business ideas you can use, if you want to try organic food business from your home. It doesn’t need too much space. If you have backyard, you can use it as an area for planting the plant with organic method. That means you don’t use the chemical. And, you also use the more environmental friendlier method, like saving more water. If you don’t have enough space, you can even use your room and planter to plant the organic plant. Then, after you harvest it, you can sell it via online method or directly in front of your house.

2. Organic Dairy Farm
If you live in the suburban area and have big size land, you can start this business, by having dairy product animal, like cow or sheep. However, it doesn’t means that
you can’t try this idea, if you live in city and have smaller space. You can still try it with chicken and use its eggs to product many other products, such as mayonnaise. You can find how to make mayonnaise from fresh egg on the internet. Then, you can market it online.

3. Farm to Table Restaurant
This business is also good idea to try. Basically, you cook the organic food and sell it at the restaurant or school cafeterias. There is social movement program that can help you to do this. So, while helping other people to get healthy, you also can make money from it.

4. Organic Supplement
Selling organic supplement from your house is also good idea. Supplement is one of the most popular products in healthy lifestyle. You can resell the product from other company, or you can make your own brand supplement. Just make sure you make it with right method.

5. Organic Juice Bar
Organic juice bar is the best idea you can choose for summer. You can make small stand in front of your house. And for the ingredients, you can use the fruit and vegetable that you plant with organic method or buy it from organic market. If you don’t want to sell it in front of your house, you can pack it in bottle and sell it online.

6. Organic Snacks
Snacking is considered to be unhealthy habit, because it can cause obesity and other health problem. Now, you can provide the solution for this problem, by making organic snack. With the people’s awareness today, they will choose the healthier food. Therefore, your product has bigger chance to success. Just make sure you use the certified-organic ingredient to make your snacks. Or, if you don’t know how to make that, you can become the reseller or distributor of the certified-organic snacks from trusted company or brand.

7. Organic Food Bank 
Start organic food bank is also good thing to do. You can make money as well as help other. Most part of this business is for charity. Therefore, do not aim for too high profit. In this business, basically you collect the leftover organic food that is still in good condition and edible. Then, sell it to those who need it at the most affordable price. You can do it from your home. Or, you also can work together with charity foundation in your area.

8. Organic Bakery
If you have cooking hobby, you also can start the organic bakery. Use the healthier flour with vegetable or fruit inside to create cake or bread, and sell it from your home. Many people are looking this kind of food for breakfast and such. So, your business will have better chance to grow here.

9. Organic Baby Food
You can start this business, because there are many parents that want to keep their baby healthy by giving them good quality food. You need to make it from organic ingredient, and make sure there is not mistake or contamination while you make it.

10. Organic Fish Farm

This is also easy business you can try at your home. You just need to build a pool, where you place the fishes in your backyard or area near your house. It could be indoor or outdoor pool. Then, to make sure it’s stayed organic, follow the USDA guidelines about how to do the organic fish farming. You can sell it as processed product, for example make the fish fillet. Or, you also can sell it in raw or alive ingredient. Aim for restaurant as your client, because they will try to get fresher fish ingredient for their business.

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