The Entrepreneur’s Digital Guide to Shopify: 10 Best Shopify Business Ideas for Beginners

What do you know about the 10 best shopify business ideas for beginners? While the term might be alien for some, Shopify is one of the most important platform for entrepreneurs. Here are several business ideas you can start with Shopify.

The Entrepreneur’s Digital Guide to Shopify: 10 Best Shopify Business Ideas for Beginners
The Entrepreneur’s Digital Guide to Shopify: 10 Best Shopify Business Ideas for Beginners
1. Clothing store
Shopify is a Canadian developed platform for daring entrepreneurs who want to spread their ‘influence’ on the net. Do you know what is the easiest thing you can sell online? Selling food online can be too bothersome and you cannot sell a real estate via online store, so what does that leave us?

That is right, sisters and brothers. The only thing of importance left for us aside from housing and sustenance is clothing. Without clothing, we will be left braving the world naked, and no one (unless they are some sort of caveman or something) wants to do their daily activities naked. Many young start-ups specializes in clothing because they are easy and is very profitable provided you understand what, when, where, who, and how to sell it.

For those of you interested in opening up an online clothes store, Shopify got what you need. With an easy to use interface and  a user friendly selection of tools, Shopify will have you open up a new online clothing store in no time.

2. Beauty products
This one here might not be as important as having a clothing on your body, but it is nevertheless still an important thing in this time of the age. Women who adhere to the beauty standard that the world creates need to have some quality time with their makeup, and who else can provide them with such beauty tools aside from beauty products store?

That is why I recommend you open this kind of store with Shopify. Like I said before, Shopify is very easy to use and it requires no technical knowledge whatsoever as long as you followed the guide. With Shopify as your business platform, profit will be easy to achieve and you do not have to be a nerd to be successful.

3. Tampons, albeit a unique one
You might be wondering why would one sell tampons on an online store. The thought did not cross my mind either, but there are brave people who sell tampons with the help of Shopify. They, using Shopify’s web building tool, sell a tampon that is not like any others. Their tampons are a sort of tampons that will be useful when the lady in period wants to have some ‘dreamy time’ with the lucky man. Bleeding will be no longer a problem.

Some people see this as a taboo while some other see them as an opportunity. While the first batch of people will surely be of a ‘purer’ heart, the other batch will be richer. You are the one who decides which batch you want to find yourself in.

4. Slimming products
Again, beauty is such a highly regarded thing in this world. Many people see ‘curviness’ as something that should not exist if one is to be called beautiful. That is why people developed slimming teas and many other slimming products to help people be slim. While you can find slimming products basically anywhere, nothing is as simple as buying a slimming product from an online store. Real entrepreneur will seize that opportunity and will open up an online store dedicated to slimming products. Just like clothes, they do not expire easily and you can keep yourself supplied for a long time.

You know what you should use to open up your online store, right? Shopify is your one click wonder when it comes to opening up an online store. Many entrepreneurs have used Shopify to be successful, and there is no reason why you should not follow them.

5. Health drinks
Now you might say that I do not recommend you to sell any kind of foods and beverages in an online store, but my slow butt forgot that there are foods and beverages online stores that conduct a pre-order type of business; you order something, the food will be cooked the moment you ordered it and they will have it delivered to your house. You can use that kind of business type and you will be able to amass a nice amount of profit to yourself.

6. Video games
Now we go to the geek zone. If you do not know anything about video games, surely you must think that people sell games on disks, right? To buy one, one would need to go to a retail store and buy a physical copy to get a game. Only after that that you can play it on the platform of your choice, right?

Wrong. These days, many video game companies sell their games through digital stores. While some still sell physical copies, many prefer to use digital keys because they are not a waste of stuffs. An entrepreneur interested in the world of gaming can seize on that opportunity and will open an online game store with Shopify. Sure you got platforms such as Steam or Origins, who already sell their self-made games through their own platforms, but Steam and Origins are not that far-fetching. If you live in a country with a high level of people who games yet lacks a certain gaming platform, you can open up a new one.

7. Electronics
On the next nerd zone we got electronics. If you want to try your hands at selling stuffs online, you cannot do any better than electronics. Electronics are easy to sell because many people need their gadgets close to their hands these days. They make life easy and they make easy money, so what is not to love?

8. Temporary tattoos
This one is very unorthodox, but there is a market for temporary tattoos. Not many think that people will buy temporary tattoos through an online store, but there is someone who makes 13 million dollars per year by selling it. If that is not a huge amount of money, I do not know what else is that.

9. Bookshops
Selling books have their own merits. Not only that you will help increase the literacy level, you will also get money. It is like opening a school, just with less hidden greed and less amount of altruism.

10. Furniture
This one here is a money maker if you got yourself a supplier. Furniture, especially if you specializes in a particular niche, will pay lots of money. It can be the best moneymaking ideas from these 10 Best Shopify Business Ideas For Beginners.

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