10 Best Financial Service Small Business Ideas

Do you want to start a small business in financial service? As long as you have skill you can start your plan right away and make money from it. The information below is the list of 10 best financial service small business ideas you can choose to make money in financial service business.

1. Financial Analyst
If you want to start a small business in financial service industry, you might be a financial analyst. Financial analyst is one of popular financial services because some companies deal with complex financial investment and management. That’s why those companies hire a professional financial analyst. The interesting, you don’t need to work as a full time worker because some of companies love to hire freelance or financial analyst on contract. It will be better if you have experience in handling financial investment or management. Your experience makes company sure whether they have to hire you or not.

2. Personal Financial Advisor Service
The next great a small business in financial service you can start is personal financial advisor service. Personal financial advisor is also a popular business because people want to manage their money better but they don’t know how. Moreover, some people hire a personal financial advisor service because they want to prepare their retirement well. They want to know how to earn money, keep it, use it, and invest it for better future. In fact, they also have to anticipate specific things such as medication cost and daily needs.

3. Sales Agent
Big financial service is trying to grab more customers to use their financial service. They need someone to explain everything to the customers. If you have a skill to convince people and a lot of friends, you may try to be a sales agent. Sales agent agency is a great small business in financial service because some financial companies need your skills and service. The salary is various and it depends on your performance in attracting people.

4. Microfinance Banking Service
Do you have more money or skill to find investors? Microfinance banking is one of 10 best financial service small business ideas. Some of small businesses need more capital to run and grow their business. Sometimes, regular banking service doesn’t cover their needs. Mostly, microfinance banking is the best option. By creating microfinance banking agency, you can earn profit and make money from financial service industry. You may find investors to support your agency and make sure that the investors earn interesting profit so they willing to share their money.  

5. Asset Consultant
Most companies are also having problem with how to manage their asset. For those who have specific skill to manage business asset, you may try to make money by being an asset management. Those companies have bigger assets and it has to be managed well and effectively to develop their business safely and smoothly. The most interesting, you have a chance to earn bigger amount of money from developing asset management agency.

6. Financial Consultant
Some people are afraid to invest their money or start a business. They need a suggestion from the expert so they know what to do. This is your opportunity to help them as well as earning some amount of money. You can try to build a financial consulting agency. Your job is to give great suggestions so your clients can use their money wisely, safely, as well as increase the amount. You also give more information about the benefits and the risks of specific investment or business. 

7. Business Process Outsourcing Agency
Running is a business involves a lot of processes and most of them are complicated to finish. Companies need a help from people who can handle the detail so they can run the business well. Just try to be a business process outsourcing agency. In fact, companies tend to hire freelance workers due to the low cost. By the time you done with managing some details of the company, you will get paid.

8. Online Marketing Service Agency
Online business develops significantly but some of businesses don’t know how to handle it well. Being an online marketing service agency is also a good chance if you want to start a business in financial service industry. Some of possible jobs you can do are including content writer, copywriter, search engine optimization agency, website designer, and many more. Just make sure what online businesses and be a solution for them. 

9. ATM Engineering
Do you have engineering skills? You don’t have to be a financial advisor if you don’t have skill on it. Being ATM engineering can be a good career opportunity. Most financial institutions need your skill because they need to make sure that their ATM runs well. If there is a problem, they can fix and repair the ATM and of course they need you. You may start to offer your service to financial services especially banks. 

10. Insurance Underwriter
It is also an interesting to be an insurance underwriter. In this case, you have to decide whether the insurance coverage is accepted or rejected. Your skill is very useful for insurance company. Interestingly, some of insurance companies also tend to hire freelance insurance underwriter than a full time insurance underwriter. It means you can finish the job in flexible time and earn your money by the time you finish the job.

So, which one of 10 best financial service small business ideas you want to choose. Just choose based on your favorite and skill to earn money maximally.

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