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Best Amazon Business Ideas for BeginnersAmazon is the right platform to start your business. Maybe you have no idea for the business. Here are 10 Best Amazon Business ideas for Beginners.

Amazon Associates
This is an affiliate marketing program for this e-commerce site. The steps you have to do are very simple. You just need to create a social media page or create a blog to post product advertisements sold on Amazon. You will earn a commission when someone purchases the product using your link. This is what makes a lot of famous website pages that advertise a product with an interesting title.

You must create a blog or website with interesting content to attract visitors to visit the ads. You can fill your website with your favorite content like hobbies, books, and so forth. Readers will feel attracted to your blog and have a great chance to see ads posted on your blog.

Amazon Create Space
If you love to write books, then you can publish your own book but the book is not published by Amazon Kindle Publishing. This is the place to publish copies of books and eBooks. There are many people who choose to read eBooks rather than printed books because eBooks are more practical and can be opened in the gadget. People are lazy to read a printed book.

People need more gadgets than books so this has led to many companies providing eBooks to consumers. Consumers do not have to worry about the book will be damaged or lost. This is a modern way of reading books.

Amazon Handmade
This is a platform used to sell handmade items such as crafts and art. If you often make home decorations, paintings, drawings, jewelry, and other artwork, then you can sell these items on this platform. You will make money from the sale of the goods. Consumers can also find a variety of jewelry with good quality and unique style because this is a handmade product.

Website Developer
There are many people who create blogs and websites to promote business. This is a great opportunity for you to be a developer. You can sell your skills by creating interesting websites and blogs for consumers. You will get many clients and make a profit.

There are many people who do not know how to create attractive websites. Entrepreneurs only want to get the website in a short time to promote the product. This is a great opportunity to get lots of clients and develop your skills.

Price Comparison Sites
Another idea is to make a price comparison website. Everyone will definitely need this site to find the lowest prices of various products sold on Amazon. You will benefit from the affiliate processes that exist on the site. Consumers will compare prices before buying goods and this is an opportunity that should be exploited to start a new business in a way that is easy and without big capital.

Product Photography
One important requirement to get sales that are selling on this platform is high-quality photo products. You cannot use blurry images because consumers want to see your product clearly. You can provide photography services to edit product photos so your product looks professional with amazing quality.

EBook Ghost Writer
There are many people who want to earn money by selling books from Amazon Kindle Publishing but few people are talented writers. If you are a writer, then you can write a book for these people. You can earn a high fee after writing the book.

Shipping Service
You know that millions of people have purchased products on this platform every day. Amazon does have its own delivery service but there are many sellers who do not use the service. You can make money by doing the delivery service. You can take the product from the seller's premises and deliver the product to the buyer in a timely manner.

You must be disciplined to run this service because the speed of delivery is related to customer satisfaction. You should not be desperate to run this service because this service does require persistence from you. Do not forget to appreciate the time when shipping the product.

Amazon M-Turks
This platform requires people to complete small tasks that only take a few seconds to minutes. You may be asked to write short articles, respond to surveys, fill out Captcha, and so on. You can earn extra money from the task.

This is similar to Amazon FBA but these two ways have little difference. You do not need to spend money to do this business. You just need to find wholesalers who sell goods at affordable prices and deliver the goods to the buyer. You are only an intermediary between the seller and the buyer.

You can sell the goods at a price that is slightly more expensive than goods from wholesalers. This is the easy way because you will not lose. This can be a fixed income for you.

Amazon is a great trading site so you have to compete with many people but you have to know that everyone has their own luck so you should try your luck. You should not be afraid to do business. Business is one way to solve your financial problems.

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